The Project Objectives

The main objectives of the Legume Federation are to facilitate collaborative development of software, methods, and standards that will be useable by existing and future projects - and to help build a healthy research ecosystem. The products include items listed under Tools, Technology, and Methods & Standards. Much of the "product" will also be infrastructure and communication. Infrastructure in this context includes: metadata standards; software packages used by several groups; integrative analyses such as gene families.

In terms of communication: to stay in the loop, we encourage you to sign up for our quarterly newsletters about the Legume Federation community, or to follow us on twitter @LegumeFed - or contact us with questions or suggestions.

Particular goals of the Legume Federation include:

  • to share knowledge, development efforts, and data sets across all legume crops.
  • to define or refine standards for data formats, metadata, Web service protocols and ontology use.
  • to establish an open repository for data exchange.
  • to encourage the use of common, open source model organism database tools.

What does it mean to be part of "The Federation"?

The current Legume Federation "community" mostly consists of biologists and data scientists working on several genomic data and on-line database projects. We would very much like to see this community grow, so please contact us if you would like to be involved in any way. Some means of participating:

  • Join the conversation. Contact us.
  • Contributing software, data, standards, methods.
  • helping define needs; providing input and feedback.
  • Many important components of and contributions to the federation are being made by groups not funded directly by this project. Some examples include: Tripal (core and extensions), Chado, JBrowse, InterMine; data producers; other legume websites - especially where there is coordination in terms of web serves or interlinking, etc.

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